Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weak and Creaky

My lovely wife shared this poem at our Poetry Night last Saturday.  The theme was "Love Poems".

Weak and Creaky
by Choma

When I'm old and gray and feelin' weak,
And my bones play a symphony when they start to creak.
I want someone I can laugh with still,
When I get old or I get ill.

To spend my days with enjoying the sun,
To cuddle at night and have "just plain fun."
To be myself, be a kid at heart,
And so I've begun a brand new start.

To find someone possessing respect,
Consideration, compassion and trust.
And also a sense of humor, for sure,
'Cause that'd be a must.

We'd share the worst along with the best,
And know that together we'd survive any test.
Keep the interest alive with the longing to learn.
And there'd be plenty of candles and incense to burn.

I'd find roses on my pillow,
I'd bring him breakfast in bed.
We'd spend nights by the fire,
Nowhere else I'd be instead.

So, if this sounds like someone you know,
Please forward his name to me.
But if, by chance, it might be you,
Well, that'd be the best you see.

I thought it was very sweet!