Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Amanda's Christmas list 2010

Activity books

  1. Rebus puzzles
  2. Math-related puzzles (elementary level preferred)
  3. Crossword puzzles
  4. Simple logic puzzles
  5. Word scrambles


  1. A Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Treasury: A Special Selection for Teachers [Book] by Richard Carlson in Books (can be found on Amazon.com)


  1. Toy Story 3


  1. Rain and Thunder CD


  1. Aladdin
  2. Pocahontas
  3. Mulan
  4. The Polar Express (I want this one the most!!)


  1. Journal
  2. Thought of the Day calendar (preferably teacher related)

Mom's Christmas list:

So far, all I have gotten from your Mom is:

  1. A small to medium rice steamer (taken)
  2. a nice breadknife under $20
  3. one of those tea-flower thingies (blooming tea): she has the pot for it, just needs the actual tea thingy

I thik she could use long sleeve tops, warm socks, etc.